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Casinos with Mastercard

| After Visa, Mastercard is the most widely accepted credit card for fast and convenient transactions online. Present in more than 200 countries, it is considered one of the safest forms of payment that exist to pay online. Almost all online casinos operating in USA accept Mastercard as a payment or deposit method.

Casinos that accept Mastercard

Accessing a Mastercard credit card is as simple as requesting it at your bank and receiving its approval. To do this, it is only necessary that you have your payroll domiciled in your bank or maintain a minimum balance in your savings / checking account. However, there are two alternative ways to achieve it. One, through associated companies (supermarkets, airlines, etc.) that sell Mastercard cards with their logo. And another, requesting a Mastercard prepaid card (rechargeable and totally secure) that is marketed by the banks themselves and other authorized entities. Deposit at the casino - It is a very simple process and free of commissions for the user. The first thing is to register your card in its corresponding section of the online casino payment methods section. The registration is completed by entering your name, surname, the 16 numbers of the card and its expiration date, and the 3 security digits (CVV or CVC) on the back. Finally, choose the amount to deposit, press the deposit button and voila!! Your deposit will be reflected in your casino account in a matter of seconds, or in a maximum of ten minutes.

Like any credit card, your Mastercard is linked to your bank account to guarantee any transaction you make. This means that if you do not have a balance, the card grants you a credit to face the payment or transaction. The return of the credit (plus the interest generated) is made as soon as you have a balance in your bank account.

Choosing the right type of Mastercard is also important. Most allow depositing in casinos, but very few receive money with them.

Limits - In all online casinos operating in USA, the minimum deposit using Mastercard is € 10, and the maximum, which is set by Spanish regulations on online gambling. In any case, the usual thing is that you can extend the maximum deposit up to 1.€ 000 / day in most casinos, and up to 10.€ 000 / day at Sportium.

Advantages of using mastercard

Withdrawal of funds from the casino - If your Mastercard card is one of the few that allows you to receive money and your casino supports it as a withdrawal method, you can withdraw your winnings in the same way that you made a deposit, although some casinos may require that you provide certain documents. The process is free of charge and usually takes between 2 and 8 business days. If your card does not allow withdrawals (which is the most common in this card), the withdrawal is made through bank transfer.

Limits - The minimum withdrawal amount varies from casino to casino: € 1 at Circus, € 4 at 888, € 10 at Sportium and Botemanía, and € 50 at Unique Casino. The maximum amount also varies and may be limited to the available balance in your account or up to 5.€ 000 that allows you Sportium and Botemanía.

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