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Blackjack 3 hand blackjack online

Blackjack 3 hand blackjack online

|| There are online casino card games and then there is blackjack. And this popular game is more than just entertainment, it is, without a doubt, the card game par excellence that an online casino should offer you. On this occasion, at CasinoBillions we are going to talk about one of those blackjack games that are worth trying, the “Blackjack 3 Hand”

"Blackjack 3 Hand" is an online casino game developed by NetEnt. If you are a fan of games and have an account in the best online casinos, you will surely have heard of this famous Swedish video game developer.

A few notes about blackjack

If you are new to the world of card games and have never played blackjack, you don't know what you are missing. This game of Spanish origin, (Cervantes already spoke of it in "El Quijote" calling it "La Veintiuna"), is next to poker the most famous game that you can find in an online casino.

Ask the dealer for a letter and try to form the score of 21 with your hand. The first player at the table to get the magic score wins. But yes, you are trying to get a 21 with two cards, (the ace and the black jack, clubs or spades), because if you achieve this combination you will have obtained a “blackjack” by beating the rest of the table, even if there is another player that also has a score of 21.

Customize the graphical environment

"Blackjack 3 Hand" has two very interesting features in order to make the player a more playable environment. The first is that you can change the graphic environment to your liking. In the lower left we will find an icon in the shape of a key. By clicking on the icon we can make several options:

To all these options we must add another very useful function that this NetEnt “Blackjack 3 Hand” offers us, and that is that, in the upper right corner of the screen, the player can find a screen where the last ten results obtained are shown. by the dealer in this online blackjack game.

Some master plays

Next, at CasinoBillions, we are going to show you some special “Blackjack 3 Hand” plays that will help you develop strategies to increase your winnings playing this online blackjack game:

Remember that the croupier has a series of different rules than yours, such as, for example, the obligation to stand if he reaches a score of 17. In addition, in this game the cards begin to be dealt when the croupier has already revealed one of his.

You can make two bets on the same play if when you receive your first two cards they are of the same number, (for example, two sevens). In that case you can divide your play and ask for two new cards playing with each seven separately. These two new cards will come from a new deck, since in this game we can use five different decks.

In this online blackjack game you can also get "insurance". This typical blackjack bet occurs when the dealer's first open card is an ace. In that case, given the possibility that the dealer has a blackjack, we can ask for insurance by betting half the amount bet on our first bet. In the event that the dealer has that blackjack, we will only lose half of the bet.

Finally, if it happens again that the dealer starts with a discovered ace, but we have a blackjack, we can ask for a double bet. If you both have blackjack there is a tie, but if the dealer does not have it, you will have taken double what you originally thought about betting.


"Blackjack 3 Hand" is an online casino game developed by NetEnt that allows us to enter the world of blackjack even as a beginner, since among its game options we find statistics and we can consult the rules at any time.

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