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Fortune girl slot

Fortune girl slot

| Thematic online slots are the most fun, at CasinoBillions we have no doubt about it, so this time we want to talk about a classic online slot that never goes out of style and that, version by version, is increasingly interesting. It's about "Fortune Girl"

This slot machine has a theme that takes us to the Far East and where the iconic elements of Chinese culture are present. Playing “Fortune Girl” online is reminiscent of classic Chinese games like mahjongg or Macau casinos.

Manga aesthetic

Despite the fact that the "manga" is eminently Japanese in style, "Fortune Girl" is an online slot with a graphic appearance of a Japanese comic, although theoretically it is a game set in China. This graphical environment is run by one of the leading companies in the development of games for online casinos, Microgaming.

Microgaming is a British online casino software company famous because in 2017, thanks to the algorithm developed by the company, it distributed a prize of more than 6 million euros with one of its online slots. Maybe with "Fortune Girl" you can be the next lucky guy.

Playing fortune girl

"Fortune Girl" is an online slot with five reels arranged in three rows. In addition, it has fifteen pay lines. The characters on the reel are framed in a golden circle and, outside of this, a room is represented where our protagonist, "the girl of fortune", accumulates the treasures that she finds.

The mechanics are simple. You just let the reels spin to get a combination of symbols that can give you a prize. There are a number of special symbols that give better prizes or are essential to access bonus rounds.

Let's stop at the most important symbols of this online slot machine. Of course, all these symbols have a far eastern aesthetic: a box with gold coins, a golden purse, a tea set and an abacus. In addition, we have two special symbols: that of the lucky girl, and the symbol of the golden dragon, which will be the "scatter" or symbol that will give us access to the bonus rounds. Finally, there is the symbol of the "golden door".

The "golden door" is a mysterious symbol shaped like a gold coin. It differs from the fortune girl symbol in that while the fortune girl symbol is wild for any combination of symbols except scatter, the “golden gate” is wild even with scatter symbols.

Multipliers and bonuses

The symbol of the "golden door" that, we remember, is shaped like a gold coin, is a key element in order to get good prizes. Every time the “golden door” appears, it will accumulate in a pile of coins that, when reaching a maximum, will become profit multipliers.

You can also get free spins when the “scatter” symbol, in the shape of a golden dragon, appears lined up three times on the reel. When this happens the player receives fourteen free spins. These spins cannot be extended beyond that number, but if during these fourteen spins the three aligned golden dragons appear again, we will receive a win multiplier of five.

This play is very important since, if we get during those fourteen free spins another fourteen multipliers by five, in the end we will have managed to multiply our bet by twelve hundred times, a real outrage of prize.

"Fortune Girl" is not an online slot that is characterized by having many hidden games in the form of bonus rounds, but by the ability to obtain substantial winnings for those who play it.


"Fortune Girl" is another of those classic slot games that has been updated every year due to the success of its online version so far. It has a simple gameplay suitable for beginner players and, as we said, it has its main virtue in the ability to give high prizes.

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