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Roulette diamonds online

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Roulette diamonds online
This time we are going to talk to you about “Roulette Dioamonds”, a product of the virtual games factory based in the Czech Republic, Synot.

What kind of game is it?

"Roulette Diamonds" is one of those classic roulette games, (although like most it has its peculiarities). In this way, the game mechanism is very easy to learn for a novice player who wants to enter the fun world of online roulette. In addition, the fact that it is present in several well-known online casinos in our country makes security and trust prevail when it comes to betting our money.

Playing roulette diamonds

The first thing we are clear about before starting to play is to know what type of online roulette we are facing. We must know if our roulette is French or American. If you still do not know the difference between the two, we will explain it briefly.

French or European online roulette basically differs from American roulette in that it has one less slot. French online roulettes have 37 boxes, including a green box with the number 0. The Americans, therefore, will have 38 spaces by including a second green box, the double box 00.

What does this difference translate into? Well, in the American roulettes the casino has a higher percentage of profit in the long term and in that in the French ones, the casino has less percentage, (or "edge of the house"), of profit the more games are produced. However, American online roulette is more popular since the minimum amount to bet is usually lower than in French online roulette.

"Roulette Diamonds", is a French online roulette with what we already know that our bets will have a slightly higher minimum limit. That said, we only have to do "spin", (that is, throw the ball), and bet on a number. You can also bet on whether the number will be odd or even, or if the ball will land on a red or black square.

Roulette diamonds online
Or combine all these bets into one, the strategies are endless!!

In "diamonds roulette" you can double what you win

The first aspect that we are going to highlight about this online roulette is its graphical environment. Roulette has a French appearance, imitating even not only the mat, but also the round table, (this is because in physical casinos, French roulette is played with all the players seated around it). In the colored boxes, to make the red or black bet, two diamonds are distinguished, one for each color, and that will give the name to the game.

Let's now look at the buttons that you will find at the bottom in the first place. There are four, the spin or "SPIN" to start the game; the "CLEAR" or delete, which removes all the coins from the mat in case you regret your bet; the one of "UNDO" that withdraws the last coin of the pile that you have put; and finally "DOUBLE" which allows us to make a double bet that, if we win, would bring us great benefits.

Another thing we should look at in this online roulette is on the right side of the screen. There we will see another section of the mat with an elongated circumference shape. This part is the part of the closed bets or “racetrack”. In this section you can risk your money on bets that are already predefined by the game, for example: combinations of even numbers, triple and quadruple bets in which you put more than one coin to make up for losses, etc.

From here the decision to bet is yours. If you are a newbie you can try to make simple bets or go to the closed bets and place already closed bets. But if you are an expert, you can start developing classic roulette strategies such as "street" bets, (betting on three consecutive numbers on the drawing of the mat), or "corner", (betting on four numbers and forming a square on the mat)


We are before one of those French roulette online casino games with a nice design and suitable for any type of player. In addition, it is developed by a European gaming house, Synot, which gives us security when it comes to meeting any requirement in our usual online casino.

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