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Money wheel online roulette

Money wheel online roulette

| We are going to talk at CasinoBillions about an atypical online roulette game since it is not the typical roulette game with its dealer, its spins and its bets on red or black. In this article we want to analyze “Money Wheel” an online game based on the popular wheels of fortune, (and by television tradition in USA we know them more as “roulette wheels” of fortune), present in physical casinos.

What kind of game is it?

"Money Wheel" is based on a popular physical casino game called "Big Six" and that consists of a giant wheel divided into squares and that spins brushing against an indicator that will slow down the wheel until it is embedded in a certain square. Depending on the score that the box marks, a bettor will have won his bet multiplied by the amount marked in the box.

This game has multiple variants, in America it has 54 squares, in Australia 56, in Asia they are much larger and in Europe we can find them with 44 squares.

"Money wheel" is not a typical roulette

In this wheel of fortune, the graphic design shows us not the entire wheel, but half of it, in order to concentrate on the pointer that marks the winning box and that is marked with a kind of funny crown.

The first thing that strikes us about “Money Wheel” is that it is not a typical wheel of fortune, since, in the most popular online roulette wheels, the amount to be multiplied is already drawn in each of the boxes.

In this online roulette, what we find is that, in each of the boxes, instead of being indicated an amount, what is drawn is a kind of multiplier symbols. Depending on the symbol in which the arrow falls, we will multiply our bet by one or another amount.

An unpredictable game

At CasinoBillions you already know that we do not marry anyone and we are totally sincere in our opinions. We are not influenced by any online casino nor do we get paid to advertise. So let's be frank about this online casino game.

Despite the fact that the winning bet is very sweet (we are talking about a 1/50, a very large prize and that would bring us great profits), it is really difficult for it to occur playing games of the roulette of fortune type.

You can try to define a trend of results following the history of runs, but more than behavior patterns what we are going to conclude after making a probability calculation is that, more than a statistic, we will be guided by a pure superstition.

In physical casinos there are those who stand in front of the roulette wheels of fortune trying to count the spins of the wheel, making an average with the supposed strength of the croupier. However, in an online roulette like this the result will always be unpredictable. Which is not to say that it is not a fun game with a real chance of winning.


"Money Wheel" is an online roulette type "roulette of fortune" very entertaining and easy to play, but it is very difficult to make strategies to win money that do not go beyond chance. To test it as a game and check the quality of the interface of online casinos it is quite good, but better to play it in "fun mode"

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