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El Chiringuito slot machine

El Chiringuito slot machine

It depends on the year USA is the second or third most touristic country in the world. With 8.000 km of coastline and leading the world ranking of blue flag beaches, it is very easy to guess why, year after year, millions of people travel to the Spanish coast to place their umbrellas on the sand.

And if there is a king of the beach, that is the nice singer Georgi Dann, who every year brings us a new and catchy “summer song” to liven up the summer reeds. And it is that this slot machine includes in its soundtrack, fragments of its musical success "El Chiringuito".

For this reason, it is normal that the Spanish division of the Austrian software development group NOVOMATIC has decided to launch the slot machine “El Chiringuito”, with a theme that takes us to the heat of a Mediterranean beach, with its starfish and its girls in bikini.

At the edge of the beach, I have it very beautiful

The slot machine "El Chiringuito" is a classic of the bar slot machines that now reaches the best online casinos in its digital version. It also has a demo version to be able to play for free and become familiar with the game mechanics.

This “El Chiringuito” slot machine has three reels and a single payline with a main game and a superior game that you access once you have gotten enough bonuses and where you can play its three mini-games. But let's go in parts.

The first thing we have to know about the slot machine "El Chiringuito" are the symbols we face. In this case we have fruits and the classic lucky number 7 in three different colors, (having symbols of 7 and many fruits already gives us a clue of being in front of a Spanish development product)

In addition to these basic symbols, in the lower game of the “El Chiringuito” slot we have two more symbols, the one that reads “Raise Bonuses”, (which will allow us to accumulate enough bonuses to be able to access the minigames on the upper panel), and the one that says "Premio a la Carta" where, if three symbols appear horizontally aligned, you access a game in which you must choose a meal from a menu of summer dishes, (salad, gazpacho, etc.) and where each dish has a higher or lower prize.

If the tide rises, I'm doing great

Let's talk now about the superior minigames. Knowing them perfectly is one of the tricks to be able to have a lot of winnings with the slot machine "El Chiringuito".

Once enough bonuses have been accumulated, we will access the top menu of the "El Chiringuito" slot machine. This is a new three-reel menu where other types of symbols will appear. To the numbers 7 of different colors, three new symbols are added: the beer mug, the roulette wheel and the "Multi Fresqui" badge. Combining these symbols several times in a row, either horizontally, vertically or crosswise, we will enjoy the mini-games of the slot machine "El Chiringuito"

The chiringuito, chi, chi, chi

The “El Chiringuito” slot machine is a classic bar slot machine that reaches the best online casinos from the Spanish subsidiary of the multinational Novomatic. It's a fun beach-themed slot based on the lyrics of the song “El Chiringuito” by Georgi Dann. Due to its simplicity and playability, it is ideal for new players, as well as for those expert users who enjoy slot machines of Spanish origin.

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